About Us

Child labor = not a good look

Sweatshops = not a good look

Disposable fashion = not a good look

Overpaying for ‘luxury’ = not a good look

UNIFORM is the smart clothing choice of modern urban sapiosexuals. We combine the style of your favorite luxury house with the ethics of your favorite outdoor clothing co-operative and the prices of your favorite fast fashion chain. All of our products are Made In Africa because, beyond being adventurously sexy and stylish, we are working to establish Africa as the world’s mecca for impact apparel manufacturing.

We donate school uniforms with every purchase you make, but that’s no gimmick. It’s been thoroughly researched and documented that donated school uniforms increase attendance, raise test scores, and reduce teenage pregnancy rates. Through your purchases, countless African students will enjoy a deeper and richer education as they grow up to build Africa’s great society and our global community.

We are a digital-first retailer because that’s the most efficient way to get clothes from us to you. This helps us keep our prices way, way low. But we’ll spare no expense when it comes to customer experience. We just like to keep it real – the most important experience we want you to have is looking and feeling unbelievable.

We all have moments in life where our clothes feel as if they’re the perfect extension of our Soul. Moments where we feel effortlessly stylish and iconic. We want to offer those moments to people around the world, whether they are a school-child in Liberia or a designer in Manhattan. We want to dress the world and we won’t stop until everyone is in UNIFORM.

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