i-D VICE: a$ap ferg and uniform’s line of socially conscious streetwear will inspire you

August 23, 2017

A$AP Ferg and Chid Liberty -- the founder of the sustainable, fair trade, and social conscious label Uniform -- are collaborating on a limited-edition line of clothing that empowers children across Africa. For each Traplord x Uniform piece sold, a school uniform is donated to a child in need. The belief is that kids in uniform (and even more importantly, school) have a brighter future. Back in April, a ten-piece capsule collection was made available online at Bloomingdales. This weekend, the partnership between A$AP Ferg and Chid deepened as they dropped their full men's and women's collection during a pop-up shop in New York's Soho. The event, which was organised by Traplord, UNIFORM and Tidal in conjunction with Pop Up Mob and Studio Space, showcased the limited-edition 11-piece collection and the premiere of the Tidal documentary A$AP Ferg: Where Stars Are Born. We sat with Chid to discuss why Ferg and Uniform are an ideal fit and how it's important to give back.