All UNIFORM apparel is ethically manufactured in Africa by a network of factories committed to worker SAFETY and EMPOWERMENT.


Location: Monrovia, Liberia

# of Employees: 100

% of Employees Women: 91%

Products: T-shirts, Wovens,

and Donated School Uniforms

The Liberty & Justice (L&J) factory was founded in 2010 and was an early pioneer in ethical manufacturing in Africa earning the continent’s first Fair Trade Certification by Fair Trade USA. Inspired by the Liberian Women’s Peace Movement, the L&J factory was founded in direct response to requests from the local community – provide us jobs so that we can provide for ourselves. As an early pioneer in ethical fashion in Africa, the factory was established with the employees in mind, giving them a 49% ownership stake. After the ebola outbreak in 2014, the L&J (Liberia) factory became the launchpad for UNIFORM, the brand.


Location: Maungu, Kenya

# of Employees: 70

% of Employees Women: 95%

Products: Women’s wovens

Wildlife Works isn’t your traditional factory. In addition to a strong commitment to employing and empowering women, this factory sits on an 80,000 acre wildlife sanctuary that was established by the organization 19 years ago. Their goal is to provide steady employment opportunities for the local community, therefore lessening their economic dependency on harmful practices that lead to deforestation and poaching, like chopping and selling firewood. And it’s not just the factory taking part – the Rukinga Sanctuary creates hundreds of jobs in other sectors including education, ecotourism, conservation, and sustainable farming. The purpose? To build a community that profits from improving the the forest and its wildlife.


Location: Nairobi, Kenya

# of Employees: 1,200

% of Employees Women: 80%

Products: All men’s wovens

The factory floor of Alltex is a buzz of activity. As one of the largest factories that we work with, we were thrilled to find a partner at such a substantial scale that shared our dedication to employee wellbeing. Their peer-run educator program, onsite health clinic, cafeteria, and Early Childhood Development Center make Alltex a really desirable place to work. These guys manufacture for some of the biggest American brands and we are all fortunate that some of our favorite styles are being produced at such an amazing factory.


Location: Casablanca, Morocco

# of Employees: 1465

% of Employees Women: 65%

Products: All knits

Charaftex was one of our earliest partnerships, and we were thrilled to find a factory as quality-obsessed as we are. Their team is dedicated to getting it right, from the factory floor all the way up to the CEO. They are a fully vertical factory, meaning not only do they cut and sew our garments, but they create the fabric at their in-house mill. With much of our cotton coming from women’s cooperatives in Benin, we are able to trace the entire supply chain of our t-shirts and deliver your goods in record time.

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